Accepting Innkeeper Applications

Enjoy life in an old house on an outer island of the Seto Inland Sea as a caretaker!

At the Ondo Iroriba House, we are always accepting applications to register as a caretaker. Operated as a communal accommodation, the caretaker is the one who takes care of things on site. How about a few months of island living?

The caretaker acts as a supporting member for our operations while living there as a short-term resident.

That said, their two main responsibilities are cleaning the common areas and guests rooms, as well as handling check-in procedures like handing over keys. As a two-room complex, not a lot of hours are required each month and the work is not too time consuming, so you can do it on the side alongside your regular job. We also pay out an incentive.

In return for the simple tasks above that we ask of caretakers, we have set the rent at the Ondo Iroriba House Residence at a discounted price.

The monthly cost for the fully furnished room is ¥22,000 including utilities.

We prefer periods of about three months, but we are flexible with requests if you would like to stay longer or shorter. We are always looking for registrants for the caretaker program, and will be coordinating schedules for our many applicants.

We generally recommend the program to those with other sources of income like remote workers or people on leave. It is perfect to test out a relocation, experience what it would be like to move, or enjoy a bit of a longer-term stay as well. You can also participate in local exchange opportunities if you are interested in community building and other activities.

You are also welcome to make use of the Iroriba House for any special skills you might have. For example, some plans are already in the works by caretakers who want to bake and sell bread or offer massages. We would be delighted too if you could breathe fresh air into the community.

Below is the caretaker’s allocated room. Enjoy living in an old house on one of the Seto Inland Sea’s outer islands.、

Get started by registering as a caretaker. If you have any questions, please send them via the Contact Us page on our site. We also hold orientation sessions on occasional basis.

*At popular request, we have now added a 15-day half-month plan as well as a couple’s plan. Feel free to get in touch for details.