Ondo Mornings

At the Ondo Iroriba House,
we want this to be a place
where you can create enriching memories

You wake up in the morning to the reverberating sound of a ship’s engine.

They can be seen out the window passing the Ondo no Seto Straight.

You grind coffee beans roasted by the owner himself and pour yourself a cup.

Then you have a slice of natural yeast bread baked by the owner’s wife.

That is how mornings at the Ondo Iroriba House begin.

Letting yourself drift along with the relaxed flow of island time, savoring this spare time you never seem to feel.

We want this to be a place where you can discover how you “unwind.”

That is our hope.

Morning light shines in through the windows.

Just beyond the windows is the Ondo no Seto Straight. There is a parking lot right in front of the house that lets you see out to the sea a block away, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee as you watch the boats go by.

We provide a single serving of homemade bread and roasted coffee in the morning free of charge. Please speak with the caretaker for details.